Covid-19 has affected almost every single sector across the globe and the hospitality industry is among the hardest hit. The corona outbreak created a negative impact on commercial aviation, shipping (cruise) sectors as well. McKinsey’s research suggests that recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023 or later.

Somehow mobility is still a need especially for obligatory travels, such as; business, health and intergovernmental reasons. That caused important developments in the luxury transportation market. There is a rising demand from ex-commercial travelers on private aviation, chauffeur driven car, yacht and helicopter charter side.

On the other hand, people who are traveling even for other purposes, including leisure, will look at private travel as a more attractive and logical option. Private jet charter companies are getting a lot of requests from business or first-class travelers who normally would not fly private. But why ? Here are the reasons, which help for consumer preference changes.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

People began to be much more careful about hygiene & cleanliness since it’s been mentioning all the time by health organizations and the authorities, as a pre-caution for COVID-19 virus. Naturally trying to avoid crowded, unhealthy and risky environments, is a matter of-fact. It is so clear that, private travel promises more out of danger zones. Travelling by private jet offers more space and separation from the rest of the public travelling, so it is not a surprise to have increases and demand to private travel. Additionally, for private travel; those special services are coming with extreme care for the hygiene & cleanliness of jets, yachts, helicopters and luxury vehicles for limousine services, which are not comparable with commercial flights or regular car, standard airport transfers and taxi services.


Social occasions and mediums are likely losing ground and more privacy has a considerable run. Private jet flights operate out of small, private aviation terminals, not mass transport hubs. After having an amazing luxurious experience; travelers hardly give up the privileges of private and luxury travel. Another plus, it helps to organize a better time management with the possibility to go over the confidential subjects for busy business people and state travelers.   


There is only one guest or a small group, where all preparations are set for them. High standards are available worldwide through private travel, so travelers have the comfort in knowing that safety means the same thing wherever they are in the world. Experienced teams are checking every single detail over and over carefully. The precious guests want the freedom to travel again, and safety is part of that freedom.


Tailor-made hospitality services are on the top of luxury travel industry. Companies are designing all services through the needs of their clients. After COVID-19, bespoke services are more important as they are formed unique. All vehicles, yachts, helicopters and jets get ready for only their own guests. This kind of services provides an ultra comfort for the travelers. Advisors can set up the most perfect experience.


Differently from scheduled departures, you may travel any day and any time you want 7/24. And almost no wait time at all. So it helps to your planning and saves your time. If your program changes, private travel companies are ready to change the timing so easily. The professional staffs of private travel companies are prepared for your sudden service requests or changes.


After the rising demand to private travel services, the companies have began to invest more for a better service through the pandemic, and new companies will probably enter to the industry. This will cause a stronger competition and most probably the prices come to a more affordable level.


Safety and health come first but still most people like to move in a lush way. Plus, we all know the social media affect. Flashing around with luxury vehicles and travelling by private jet are surely enjoyable. People also use that kind of services to gain extra prestige in business and social life.


Private & Luxury Travel by Illusthrone



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