As a new regulation, it’s been banned to use any kind of board/banner for meet & greet service at Istanbul Airport IST by Turkish authorities. For the ones who are trying to meet their guests by calling or asking their names are faced with a penalty of 50 Euro.

There is only one way to establish the meet & greet and that is to use the Meeting Lounge. The passengers and the greeters both need to go to the desk at the Meeting Lounge and make a registration for the greeting. The name of the passenger will be reflected to the screens at the lounge, in order for the greeter to see that their passenger has arrived and is waiting for them.

Globally first time practice new regulation may seem like a long and unnecessary process, however Turkish authorities believe that the new arrangement will help the image pollution and the meet & greet chaos be put in order and provide a more secure welcome to the guests. Additionally it
will be an important mission to prevent pirate tourism and airport transfer activities.

Using the Meeting Lounge will be free of charge till March 31st.

IGA Istanbul Airport Lounge



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