After the plane lands, possible fatigue arises, brain sticks to reach to the final destination, body sends messages for some rest. Trouble is the last thing we accept to encounter. We have the right to take the initiative of making a rational choice for our airport transfer service. But before your decision, you have to take into account of being in a 20 million metropolis with a distance of 170 km from one end to the other, where rules are not preferred to be followed. Plus, Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport are very far from the city center.

Taking the bus – Havabus, Havaist (former services by Havas and Havatas)

The cheapest way to
reach the city of Istanbul. Walk from the arrival terminal to the bus carrying
all your luggages. Probably you will move after a 15 to 30 min. wait in the
bus. Most probably you will take a taxi or another bus from the drop off point
to your hotel or to your final destination.

Taking a taxi (cab)

There are nearly 20,000 registered
taxis in Istanbul. But relevant authorities are not controlling the taxis,
standardization is very bad. Most of the vehicles are old and in bad condition. They
smell like ashtray and largely taxis violate traffic rules. Taxi scam is
another problem in Istanbul. You can be charged a higher amount than the actual
price, because of meaningless routes. If they don’t like your route, they can
refuse to serve for you. Overwhelmingly, taxi chauffeurs are not in good shape.
Not shaved, not dressed well and sadly not clean.

Taking UBER

There is a big fight
between taxi drivers and UBER drivers. Taxi drivers may assault UBER vehicles
when they realize it is UBER. Additionally, due to legal restrictions, you can
face with a problem since the local authorities are penalizing Uber vehicles at
Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Airport Transfer Service

At this point, you need
to distinguish between two different service types. There is a service with
unqualified chauffeurs, vehicles out of repair; not luxury at all, A service
for the ones who are looking for a bit better than taxi, absolutely not for the
ones who are looking for a safe ride in style.

On the other hand, registered and fully insured vehicles, professional bilingual chauffeurs and beyond those, big operation departments, customer services are at your service just for your comfort. It is a first class limousine service. Away from the hassle of travelling to and from Istanbul Airport, parking difficulties, wild taxi rides and traffic congestion, only a safe and stress-free transportation in style. Surely this is the most expensive and at the same parallel the most luxurious choice.

Illusthrone tailor-made hospitality and luxury transportation offers a free meet & greet service at Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. After your arrival to the airport, The greeter will wait for you in front of the arrivals door of the terminal (exit of the luggage claim and duty free area) with a board with your name on it. Additionally, before the trip, team provides your chauffeurs’ mobile number to you. There are female and male chauffeur option and all English speaking professional drivers. They are uniformed and male chauffeurs are shaved. Illusthrone understands how every single detail is important and designs the service through your preferences. A safe, comfortable and smooth airport transfer service is waiting for you in Istanbul.




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