Today, hotel guests are interested in technological features, loyalty advantages and personalization. As a consequence, accommodation businesses tend to develop continuously to meet the changing needs of the guests.

In the hospitality sector, each guest should be considered a VIP because the guests are the cause of the success and, above all, the company that serves in this area. Although good customer service is important in every business, the hospitality industry is different from them, because the product actually consists of well-presented services. To be respected, respectful and provide personal services to all guests are the requirements of this sector.

Service quality in the hospitality industry determines the efficiency of a business. It is a known fact that there is a positive relationship between marketing, sales and service quality. For this reason, it is possible for all guests to choose the hotel they are receiving accommodation service and to receive extra services. Although all guests are considered to be very important people, hotel businesses need to be aware of the need to exceed and exceed guest expectations. Because different guests spend different time at the hotel and outside the hotel and have different expectations and interests.

Thanks to loyalty programs that are one of the different and superior service-giving tools, hotel businesses can receive special information about guests’ preferences and requests and therefore offer better guest services. In addition to recognizing preferences, the guest can be rewarded by receiving a top category product or service at no extra cost. For example, the E or F segment vehicle, which is offered free of charge to a loyal guest who removes the need for transfer by C or D segment vehicles, can ensure that he / she can choose the top category service next to the customer’s satisfaction next time.

Since service quality is considered one of the most important and most effective factors in service management, it must remain consistent and therefore have appropriate processes. The served product beyond the need, it can be seen as worthless in the eyes of the guest with no matter how high quality it is. For this reason, the services offered are metered and personal, is one of the most important factors to be considered when offering this service.

General Manager at Burdock Hotel, Istanbul – Autograph Collection, Marriott International



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