Get your checkbooks out. Bentley just released some wickedly expensive golf clubs.

As part of a celebration for Bentley’s 100th anniversary, the automotive company has created a limited set of clubs for just $15,999. Yes, that means more than $1,000 per club in this luxury set.

The clubs take inspiration from Bentley’s new, sleek Continental GT. The mostly black set has Centenary Gold accents throughout. Bentley is only creating 100 sets for purchase, and the bags that come with will mark “01/100,” just to remind everyone how limited these clubs are.

Announced earlier this year, it’s finally ship month! With the 100th anniversary celebrated on July 10, purchased clubs will now ship later this month. Check out the extravagant clubs below, and when they start to seem out of your price range, remember that Honma has sold sets for as much as $75,000 in the past.

Bentley Golf Centenary Set

Bentley Golf Centenary Set



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