The world of private jet travel, holidays on the deck of a superyacht and a Lamborghini in the garage is no longer exclusively for the mega-rich.

As paying monthly for goods and services becomes increasingly popular – from Spotify, Netflix and your phone contract, to cars on finance – the luxury end of the market is also starting to play ball.

Blame it on the Instagram generation if you like, but it’s now possible  – and easy – to rent yourself a luxury lifestyle for a fraction of what owning a jet, a yacht, or a Ferrari would normally cost. 

Yes, you still need five figures of spending money per year – more, ideally – and yes, you could argue this is cheating slightly, but who could say no to a private jet on the cheap ?

Here is the guide to renting yourself a luxury lifestyle.


Does anything say you’ve made it in life more than a private plane? Okay, so technically we are hiring someone else’s plane and pretending it’s ours on a dozen Instagram photos. But in some cases – you need to get somewhere obscure at very short notice, or you just fancy treating yourself to something far more exclusive than first class – private jet chartering makes perfect sense.

It’s a growing industry too, as chartering firms describe themselves as the ‘Uber of private jets’, where smartphone apps secure you a jet with just a few screen taps. 

The prices may still seem high, but remember this is for the whole plane – divide it by the number of seats and it can get awfully tempting…

Also worth remembering are extra fees like de-icing before take-off on a cold morning, which can add thousands to your booking.


Charting yourself a superyacht isn’t quite as speedy as booking a private jet (gap in the market, maybe?), but there are still plenty of options for stepping aboard something truly luxurious on your next holiday.For starters, you can bag yourself a Riva Aquarama – the quintessential speedboat – from a range of companies for around £1,200 per day or £750 for a half-day on Italy’s Lake Como or at Turkey’s beautiful Bosphorus. Considering these boats can cost over £200,000, a slice of the lifestyle for under 1% of the sticker price seems like a deal worth making.

Stepping things up a gear, entry-level charting firms offer compact 13 to 15-metre yachts in the Mediterranean, Aegean Caribbean and elsewhere for between £4,000 and £10,000 per week. It is also available to rent a super luxury yachts by Illusthrone in the Mediterranean and Aegean.

Just don’t forget to add food, drink and mooring fees on top, as these are often not included in the base price.

Private Yacht Rental by Illusthrone


It’s all well and good having a fleet of exotic supercars in the garage, but isn’t taxing, insuring and servicing them just a massive faff ? We think it’s much easier to join a supercar rental club, where you pay an annual membership fee for points which can be redeemed against a range of cars.

The more expensive and exclusive the car, the more points it costs to borrow for a day or a weekend. Most clubs offer a range of vehicles, from Range Rovers through to the likes of the Audi R8 and Ferrari California, right up to supercar royalty like the Lamborghini Aventador.

Or, there is another prestigious way. You may prefer a luxury chauffeured service by Illusthrone and look more professional and eye-cathching with your luxury ground transportation service.

Luxury Ground Transportation by Illusthrone



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