Gobeklitepe in Turkey’s southeast added to UNESCO World Heritage list in 2018

Gobeklitepe, world’s oldest known temple in Southeastern Turkey, has allured more tourists worldwide since its recognition by UNESCO last year.

After UNESCO recognition, the number of visitors, especially foreign tourists, significantly rose in the ancient site. In the upcoming period, the number will continue to rise.

Gobeklitepe is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is recognized as the oldest temple in the world by many international organizations.

The site got extra attention after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared 2019 the year of Gobeklitepe.

Gobeklitepe was found in 1963 by researchers from universities in Istanbul and Chicago. Since then, the excavations have never stopped.

The German Archaeological Institute and Sanliurfa Museum have carried out a joint work at the site since 1995 and have found T-shaped obelisks from the Neolithic era towering some 3-6 meters (10-20 feet) high and weighing 40-60 tons.

During the excavations, diverse historical artifacts like a 65-centimeter-long (26-inch) human statue dating back 12,000 years have also been discovered.

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